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Bloo version 1.00.a.008 released

Well, finally. . . To be honest, it's been done for a week (and deployed to all the alpha blogs I control) but I basically took a week off from developing and am just now getting around to upload it.

The release notes are at the bottom of this post. This release included a ton of work on the overlay and themes administration. Overlay admin was cleaned up and made sturdier, if not more understandable. You can now preview a theme where it will remain your theme for an hour, but no one else will be able to see it (useful when creating a theme).

Um, the theme docs are still coming . . . I'm so bad.

I also added some rudimentary spam control and a spellchecker, based on googiespell. Cool.

Release Notes:

version 1.00.a.008

In this release the focus is, again, on themes. Virtual themes can now be created by the blog administrator, cascaded from, etc.

Below is a list of the bugs fixed and features added:

Features Added
1493965 Create additive overlays
1493963 Add Spam Fighting fields
1493962 Enable Extension Initialization SnapOns
1493961 Create the SimpleHumanCheck SnapON
1493960 Rework Theme administration
1493958 Create a spell-checker SnapOn
1493956 Re-work table-based overlay editing
1493953 Cannot edit overlays with textareas in them
1495309 Add a color-coded legend to the Themes list
1500086 Create the CSS.link.extension

Bug Fixes
1493955 Problem with theme dropdown
1495318 Fix a bug in the CSS.extension overlay
1495319 Color coding of overlays is incorrect

If you have problems, email support@outofthebloo.com, and we'll see what we can do for you. Any feedback is very welcome.

You also might find it helpful to visit the Bloo development blog at devblog.outofthebloo.com.


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