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- Jack Handy, Deep Thoughts
Bloo version 1.00.a.002 released

The second alpha release is now out there on the SourceForge Project Page. This is just a quick maintenance release that fixes the following bugs (note: the number is the SourceForge bug id):
- 1443807 Cookie vars should not be in scope precedence
- 1443782 Comment flood query should only happen on insert
- 1443766 Not saving comment information in a cookie
- 1443765 IP address not shown for comments
- 1442454 Comments don't display the author or url
- 1442433 Get an error when pinging pingomatic
- 1442427 Permalinks don't work.

These were more bugs than I had hoped to have in the alpha release (not to say there aren't still some lurking - it's alpha, after all ;-) - but this wasn't unexpected due to the large amount of refactoring I've been doing. Hopefully this will make things more stable.

Note: I put this in the release notes but it also should be mentioned here - to get the cookie processing working above a couple of event handlers have to be added:


1. Login to administer the blog
2. Click on "Lists"
3. Select "Event Handlers"
4. Select "Add New"

Enter the following information (two entries):
Event SnapOn: CommentCookieEater
Target SnapOn: CommentForm
Event Type: Pre-Render

Event SnapOn: CommentCookieBaker
Target SnapOn: CommentForm
Event Type: Post_Save


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