"To me, boxing is like a ballet, except there's no music, no choreography, and the dancers hit each other."

- Jack Handy, Deep Thoughts
Bloo Beta Released! (Version 1.00.b.001)

Bloo Beta has been released! You can download the new version at the SourceForge project page, here.

I highly recommend upgrading, as there is a lot of needed spam-fighting functionality in this release. After upgrading, depending on how much customization you've done on your overlays, you might get some red errors on the blog after the upgrade. Don't panic - it's probably that you're referencing a snapon or overlay that has been revised in name or done away with. Deactivate your customized overlays one by one and you'll find the problem.

Now, the new features:

  • Tired of coding your own HTML? This release has two SnapOns (RichTextPostEditor and RichTextCommentEditor) that convert your post or comment composition window into a Rich Text control. Kinda nifty, although some browsers have problems with these controls. For the majority, it works great. You can enable these SnapOns in the Writing section of the SnapOn administration page.
  • You can now disable Comments and Trackbacks globally for your blog, or turn them on and off on an individual post basis.
  • There is now a Comments/Trackbacks Moderation page, for quickly blasting spam and troll comments to oblivion
  • You can also mark individual comments and trackbacks as spam (or trolls) in the comments and trackbacks section of posts.
  • There is now a RemoteBlackList spam control SnapOn - look in the Spamicide section of the Spam Administration page. This SnapOn will check each incoming comment or trackback against external lists of known spammers.
  • Also, the LagTimeSpamChecker SnapOn has been created. It is useful for marking comments and trackbacks on old, dormant posts as suspected Spam.
  • For long posts, you can now break them up into the intro and a longer section behind a "Read the rest of this entry" link. The QuickTags "More" button will do this for you.
  • On Quicktags, they are now optional and are a SnapOn in the Writing section of the SnapOn administration page. Just activate to see the Quicktags buttons on post compose
  • General Blog Settings are now available for modification in a single administration page, rather than the list you had before. Look in the General Blog Settings tab under Lists and Settings
Also fixed two bugs:
  • I discovered that when editing an overlay for the first time, the editor was expanding all other overlays and SnapOns within the code of the overlay on edit. I realize that might not make sense, but - trust me - it's bad. Fixed now.
  • The My Profile page was not displaying any data, making it pretty hard to edit your profile. This has been fixed.

Well, those were the biggies. There was also some tweaking done to the way the administrative sections look.

Watch me for the changes . . .


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