"Instead of a trap door, what about a trap window? The guy looks out it, and if he leans too far, he falls out. Wait. I guess that's like a regular window."

- Jack Handy, Deep Thoughts
Bloo version 1.35 - wrapping up

Currently packaging up the files for Bloo version 1.35, checking in code, creating release notes, etc.

About to run through the test-plan on several blogs.

It's kind of inexcusable how long this update has taken. But, what the hey - it's coming out soon - hopefully in the next week!

Bloo version 1.35 - in the works

Though this blog has been quiet, there has been a decent amount of work ongoing.

Bloo version 1.35 is imminent (ha ha). 1.35 contains enhancements that mostly center around discussion management (better comment moderation, spamicide, etc)

Also work has begun on a re-architecture of Bloo that will result in Bloo 2.0. This release is planned to contain many new usability features, and will feature better performance.

More on Bloo 2.0 later . . .

Watch me for the changes . . .

Just upgraded to Release Candidate 1

I just upgraded this blog to release candidate 1. Note the timezone designator in the post timestamp. Cool . . .

Some patches coming

After testing Bloo beta for a couple of weeks, the "feature" that wins the dumbest idea prize is making ALL sidebar links block style. That wasn't very smart - it affects too many other things. D'oh . . .

Patches will be forthcoming on that, plus there's a fix for the CTCode spam SnapOn and some RSS fixes coming.

Bloo Beta 2 - Installed!

Tonight I upgraded this blog to Beta version 2, which is nearly there, short of a few tweaks still needed.

Feels good. . .

I'll post the official release notes in a few days.

Watch me for the changes . . .

Bloo beta 2 is on the brink!

Beta 2 is very, very close. It represents a complete rearchitecting of Bloo, and I'm glad this is happening now, early in the game, versus later.

Also, i've posted on the Bloo Logo over at the Thinklings. Feel free to pipe in if you have an opinion on the new logo I've come up with (it's also shown below):

Bloo Logo

Progress . . .

Progress is being made on the 2nd Beta Build of Bloo. This release will really concentrate on the efficiency of class loading in Bloo, and the class loading module has been completely re-written.

Some other enhancements include (planned) better organization of the code, perhaps some better spam checking, etc. This will be an important release as it sets up the architecture for the full production 1.0 release, which will happen soon (I hope!)

Watch me for the changes . . .

Some new Bloo blogs

This morning Thinklings was converted from WordPress to Bloo.

Coming soon - a student blog for the Journey.

An interim release, nearly ready

If you check out the comments post form in any of the posts on Out of the Bloo you'll see that it is now a Rich Text control. I've implemented some SnapOns (the tires of which I am currently kicking on Out of the Bloo) that utilizes the TinyMCE rich text editor. I think it's pretty sweet.

Of course, I prefer raw HTML (manly grunts). But I think providing a Rich Text SnapOn - well, two, actually: one for Posting and one for Commenting - for my loyal users is a good thing.

I'll release this interim version (1.00.a.009.2) soon, after I get it tested. I am still working on the release candidate, which is a big refactor effort, but I figured it was time to create a branch for some quick enhancements, since it's been so long since I've introduced any new features. The release candidate is just taking a tad longer than I thought. This was a nice diversion, actually - once I get this branch out I'll merge its changes into the release candidate and keep working on getting that puppy finished.

Watch me for the changes . . .

Stop me before I refactor again!

What the heck have I been doing? Where's the release candidate 1 of Bloo? When it comes out will my alpha testers still care? Stop me before I refactor again!!!

Heh, OK, I got that out. Truth be told, I've been working hard on the new version of Bloo but time has been limited. And my original thoughts regarding a better way of loading SnapOns has bloomed into a complete refactoring of almost every facet of the system. It's for the best.

My hope now is to finish with rc1 in October. It's going to be tight. I may take a day off from work to get some decent dev time in.

Watch me for the changes . . .

CVS and the new Bloo

This morning I updated the CVS repository on SourceForge with the new version of Bloo. It's so radically different in structure that many files and directories had to be removed.

It was time to do this (even though the release is still not ready) - I needed to make a complete break from the past structures and make sure that all the work I've been doing over the past month in refactoring Bloo got represented in the repositories.

Working feverishly (as time allows). I struggle with forward motion. . . :-)

Watch me for the changes . . .

Where we're at

OK, so what's the status of Bloo version 1.00 release candidate 1?

Well, I'm rewriting Bloo.

Ha ha ha! Just kidding. I'm not rewriting it. But I am re-factoring the heck out of it right now. Here are the high points

  • Time - I'm standardizing the internal date and time storage to GMT. As a coder I'm kind of hooked on platonic ideals; GMT is way more platonic than server time. I want Bloo to be easy to configure even if the server is on the space statio. And of course, the time will be adjusted to local time on output, but by selecting a timezone - away with the klunky "hours different from GMT" setting!
  • Optimization - The current version of Bloo loads in its entirety every time you bring it up. The new version has a much more intelligent load manager and only loads the SnapOn packages it needs. Which brings me to . . .
  • SnapOns - I departed awhile ago from a philosophy that I am now getting back to. In Bloo, everything is supposed to be a SnapOn. Everything. Well, in the current version that's not exactly true. But the new version loads every aspect of the system as a SnapOn package. This means the core SnapOn packages (Post, PostAdmin, Comment, etc) without which the system won't run, and also the extension SnapOn packages (BlooQuote, the spell checker, Simple Human Check - these are what are often referred to as simply "SnapOns" because they "Snap On" to Bloo core. But they are no different than the core SnapOns, except for the fact that they are loaded selectively). And Themes will be SnapOn packages too. Everything's a SnapOn, darnit. Which brings me to . . .
  • SnapOn Servers - this is perhaps the most exciting part of the new release, from a user point of view. Currently, to get new Bloo functionality you have to wait for me to release a new version. But when this version comes out I will enable the ability for Bloo blogs to also be SnapOn Servers - this means that any kind of Extension or Theme SnapOn can be detected from a SnapOn server and installed on a user's blog. This is also exciting for me because the first SnapOn server will be this blog - and that means I'll be able to deliver new functionality more "on the fly" than ever before. And this is a very "Web 2.0" thing to do . . .

Of course, all of this is taking time. But I'm very excited about this beta release, leading up to the first production release of Bloo. I plan on expanding the number of Bloo test sites as well.

Watch me for the changes . . .

Alpha Build 9 - done!

I'll put out more detailed release notes soon. But build 9 is done and deployed!

I'm upgrading the local alpha test blogs as we speak. . .


Just discovered a fairly important bug. . . So I'm going to back the release off and re-submit it tomorrow night after the fix . .

I'm a dope . . .

Update 2 - Fixed (last night)!

Comments Spell Checker

Work on Bloo alpha build 9 is progressing well! Almost there . . .

Tonight I added a spell checker for comments. It's a new snapon called the BlooCommentSpellChecker (based heavily on the BlooPostSpellChecker) - took about ten minutes to write :-)

And it works. Which is always good :-)

For those of you using the BlooPostSpellChecker which isn't working, the reason is that Google switched to https processing of its spell checker last month. Build nine will fix all that.

New Feature: Blogroll Posts

While not released to the general public, I've completed the BloogrollPosts SnapOn, which allows you to aggregate and view the blogs in your bloogroll.

This is currently working on Out of the Bloo, which I've upgraded to Build 9 - for testing prior to final tweaks and release. Check it out by clicking here.

Alpha Build 8 coming

Actually, it's completed except for some documentation. Should be released on sourceforge soon.

I'll have full release notes for you when that happens.

Bloo Version 7 Done!

Done but not yet deloyed. I may deploy it tonight.

So far the only blog I've upgraded to build 7 is Out of the Bloo.. The others will follow shortly.

This was a big one.

Watch me for the changes . . .

Yet another update on build 7

I've had funner releases . . .

This one is just taking awhile, and other work has encroached on it. I think it will be worth it when it's done, but - yowza - lots of 2 steps forward, one step back on this one.

I'm a bit frustrated. I hope to have this release done this week, in any event. We'll see. I have some other web-dev I'm on the hook for.

Another update on build 7

The settings administration has been refactored. There's now a number of classes that I can remove from Bloo, although I think I'll keep them where they are through this release.

Virtual themes next, then the release.

Update on build 7

I'm working feverishly on Build 7. It will include a refactoring of the Settings administration and - finally - the ability to create virtual themes.

I keep getting sidetracked on other improvements. Focus, focus, focus . . .

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