"To me, boxing is like a ballet, except there's no music, no choreography, and the dancers hit each other."

- Jack Handy, Deep Thoughts
Bloo version 1.20 Released!

Bloo version 1.20 is released! You can download it here.

In many ways, Bloo 1.20 will look a whole lot like Bloo 1.10. But it contains some pretty significant feature additions, and represents a real firming up of the underlying Bloo architecture as it's always been envisioned (but not quite implemented, until now):

Below are the major features and bug-fixes included in this release:

  • Bloo Community - this one is pretty huge. Bloo Community is an extension SnapOn included in the core release that allows you to, on the fly, create sub-blogs off your main blog. Each sub-blog is a full-blow Bloo release, but entirely segregated from the content on your main blog. You can even open up things so that guests can request a sub-blog under your main blog (you have full control over accepting or rejecting that request, and also you can suspend or delete sub-blogs that don't behave). You can read more about Bloo Community on the Bloo Wiki, here.
  • RSS caching and collection is now centralized and part of the core release. You can read more about this on the Bloo Wiki here
  • Added About Me link to the Sidebar
  • Provides for version checking on snapOns
  • Cleaner error messages
  • Created new Wrapper styles for themes - this gives more flexibility on how themes behave. You can read about the changes to themes in 1.20 on the Bloo Wiki, here (and if you've created your own theme in Bloo, you really need to read that to help convert your theme)
  • Removed some old core themes. So there are less themes delivered with Bloo, but the ones that were removed were pretty cr@ptastic anyway. You can find more themes for Bloo on the Bloo Themes Site.
  • Add more base themes for sidebar right, sidebar left, and three column. All Bloo themes at this point cascade from one of these three.
  • Added the BlooWiki SnapOn to the release. Using this extension SnapOn, you can now easily turn your blog into a WIKI (our own Bloo WIKI is built off of this).
  • Fixed a problem with localhost login (for people testing Bloo locally)
  • Fixed a problem with trackback and comments links when title permalinks are enabled.
  • Improved the RSS Feed
  • Fixed a problem with the FavoritePosts extension SnapOn that made it not work if permalinks not set to title
  • Fixed a problem with Theme Preview - Stop Preview wasn't working
Now that 1.20 is out, a lot more attention is going to be paid to creating new Themes and extension SnapOns.

Update on Bloo version 1.20

Although originally scheduled for November, obviously 1.20 was not released at that time ;-) - some features were added, and a lot of work has gone into just getting it as ready as possible for public consumption. One big change was in how themes are handled; some style changes were made to the base themes to make them more flexible, and this delayed things a bit.

It's the stretch run now. The pre-release versions are being tested on several different sites, and final bugs and features are being resolved and coded. In addtion, work is ramping up on Bloo Community (more on that soon).

Thanks for your patience!