"To me, boxing is like a ballet, except there's no music, no choreography, and the dancers hit each other."

- Jack Handy, Deep Thoughts
Problem with View Recent Comments link fixed

An error was found in the default Page.sidebar overlay that comes with version 1.00 of Bloo. The fix for this is trivial, and there is now a patch available (bloo.v.1.00.patch01) that will fix it, here.

Note: If you are an upgrader who has already customized Page.sidebar, most likely you already have a good View Recent Comments link in your sidebar, so you may not need the patch. For new installers, the patch is necessary; you can also just customize your sidebar and fix the View Recent Comments link manually (go to Look and Feel, Overlays, and find and edit Page.sidebar in the Custom category) rather than bothering to download and install the patch.

The problem was due to some quotes in the href for that link that were inadvertently left as html entities in the overlay.

Also in the patch a small problem with the Last Published Date in the Comments RSS feed is fixed.

Bloo version 1.00 Released!

This is the big one . . . the first full Production release of Bloo! You can download it here.

Here's what's new in this release:

  • Commenters on the blog can now edit their most recent comment after posting it. This ability lasts for several minutes
  • The Private post type was created, allowing posters to create posts that can only be read by logged in posters or administrators.
  • The Popular Posts extension now can have a specified time-window wherein it measures comment activity (rather than always just measuring for the life of the post)
  • The blog now includes a “Lost your password?” feature, to allow users who have forgotten their password to get a new one.
  • Now posters can create static pages, which are like posts but don’t display a date stamp and can only be displayed by going to the static page’s permalink URL. In other words, static pages don’t roll along in the normal post stream. This feature is useful for creating more “timeless” pages, such as an “About Me” page.
  • The Bloogroll can now recognize a constant set in an overlay that specifies which Bloogroll categories to display. The constant is bloogroll_category_list, and is set in an overlay (usually Page.sidebar) using this syntax: _=bloogroll_category_list=Category 1,Category 2=_, substituting, of course, the real categories you want to display for Category 1 and Category 2
  • Created the Contact extension, which allows the blog to have “Contact Me” and “Contact Post Author” links which will display forms through which users can send email messages to the blog administrator(s) or a post author without knowing the recipient’s email address
  • Added links for “Older Entries”, “Newer Entries” on the Post display page to allow for navigation to older and newer posts.
  • The permalink for posts is now, by default, on the post title, rather than the post time.
  • Created the "Favorite Posts" SnapOn, which allows the administrator to show a list of his/her favorite posts from the blog.
  • Created a Comments RSS feed.
  • Created versioning in the system, which Bloo uses to detect when an upgrade is needed.
  • We now have a new Bloo logo!
  • Created a Trackback Send form, for sending trackbacks to other blogs.
  • Form navigation is now smoother as the first field on most forms is now in focus by default.
  • Changed the display of the “Everyone” security role to the more appropriately named “Guest”
  • Renamed the “snapons” directory to “core”, for clarity’s sake.
  • Removed the Remote Blacklist Spamicide extension SnapOn from the core release. Never much liked how this one worked (too many false-positives)
  • Fixed a security vulnerability in Comments editing
  • Fixed a problem with Post categories that have apostrophes in them (they were blanking out when the post was re-edited).
  • The Bloogroll category drop-down was getting confused when the Category ID was greater than 10. This is fixed.
  • Fixed problems with the RSS feed that caused it not to validate in certain feed readers.
  • Fixed alignment problems in the post form when their were no post form extension snapons (such as Quicktags) enabled.
  • Fixed a problem in the Lag Time Spam Checker extension snapon that was causing it to fail when checking trackbacks.
  • Numerous other internal fixes and improvements
You can read the detailed release notes here.

Version 1.00 nearly ready!

Forgive the silence recently. Much work has been in progress. The production release of Bloo 1.00 is nearly ready and will hopefully be released in the next two weeks or so.