"If I lived back in the wild west days, instead of carrying a six-gun in my holster, I'd carry a soldering iron. That way, if some smart-aleck cowboy said something like 'Hey, look. He's carrying a soldering iron!' and started laughing, and everybody else started laughing, I could just say, 'That's right, it's a soldering iron. The soldering iron of justice.' Then everybody would get real quiet and ashamed, because they had made fun of the soldering iron of justice, and I could probably hit them up for a free drink."

- Jack Handy, Deep Thoughts
Bloo Beta 2 Patches Deployed

Patches for the Bloo Beta 2 release have been deployed. Here's some detail on what's been fixed:

ct_code_001 - This fixes a problem with the ct_code spam filter that caused it to think all comments made to posts with long names were spam

rss_001 - This fixes some formatting problems with the Bloo RSS feed

style_001 - This fixes a problem with the styling of links in the sidebar.

These are all minor fixes, but still good to have. No more patches are expected for the Beta 2 version. Download the patches from the link above (they all come in one file) and view the readme.txt files for install instructions.

Now, to get to work in earnest on version 1.0!

Watch me for the changes . . .

Some patches coming

After testing Bloo beta for a couple of weeks, the "feature" that wins the dumbest idea prize is making ALL sidebar links block style. That wasn't very smart - it affects too many other things. D'oh . . .

Patches will be forthcoming on that, plus there's a fix for the CTCode spam SnapOn and some RSS fixes coming.