"I hope if dogs ever take over the world, and they chose a king, they don't just go by size, because I bet there are some Chihuahuas with some good ideas."

- Jack Handy, Deep Thoughts
Bloo version 1.00.a.009 released

Alpha Build Nine has been released into the wild. This is the last alpha build - the next build of Bloo will be a beta release candidate. Woot!

You can download the new release here at the Bloo Sourceforge Project Page. Here's what build 9 brings ya:

  • Created the BloogrollPosts SnapOn. This is a nifty little addition that allows you to view posts written by people in your bloogroll from within your blog. It's somewhat similar to the LJ "friends posts" feature, except this works for any blog, not just other Bloo blogs. And you don't really have to be friends with the people :-) - it gets its content off of their published RSS feeds
  • Fixed the BlooPostSpellChecker SnapOn. It quit working when Google switched it to use https
  • Created a comments spell checker SnapOn
  • Refactored the tabbed menu items, provided better inheritance
  • Made the overlay editing window bigger
  • Created the Scripturizer SnapOn, which converts any Bible reference in your posts to a link to the ESV Bible
  • Created, against my better judgement, a Smilies SnapOn, useful for inserting cute little smilies in posts and comments.
  • SnapOns are now categorized and are organized in the SnapOn maintenance section in different tabs, one per category
  • Set overflow styles in the base CSS so that sidebars and content will stay put if some content gets too wide
  • Cleaned up the RSS feed coming from Bloo and added more fields to it
  • Did some cleanup and code refactoring to allow for running simple queries without having to call the SnapOnFactory
  • Did some small overlay work on the BlooQuote overlay so that it now uses the additive feature
  • Created an additive overlay for JavaScript additions
  • Rearranged the Themes and Overlay tabs in the Look and Feel section
  • Added "Save and Continue Editing" in the overlay editing section (because it's a pain to have to keep switching back and forth)
  • Refactored and simplified (a bit) Overlay editing
  • Reworked the XML2Array parser so that it reads RSS feeds correctly

Currently I'm in design on the thousand and one ideas I have for Bloo. In particular, hopefully the next release will include the BlooSnapOnServer, which will serve out SnapOns thus eliminating the need to make them part of official releases. This will be a SnapOn itself, so any Bloo blog can become a SnapOn server.

We may also see some of the faint beginnings of BlooM (Bloo Messaging), BlooAlliance, and BlooCommunity. But if I get to any of those in release candidate one it will be a miracle.

Watch me for the changes . . .


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